I. corrupt cor‧rupt 1 [kəˈrʌpt] adjective
1. LAW using power in a dishonest or illegal way in order to get money or an advantage of some kind:

• Swiss justice, in our experience, is as tough on corrupt bankers as it is on all other criminals.

• people wilfully involved in bribery or other corrupt practices

2. COMPUTING information on a computer that is corrupt has been damaged and can no longer be read or used by a computer:

• The file may contain corrupt data and may cause your machine to crash.

  [m0] II. corrupt corrupt 2 verb [transitive]
1. to encourage someone to behave in an immoral or dishonest way:

• US politics has been corrupted by money and the influence of special interests.

2. COMPUTING to damage information on a computer, so that it can no longer be read or used by a computer:

• viruses which can corrupt and destroy computer data

— corrupted adjective [only before a noun] :

• A corrupted file is a big problem; you might never recover the data.

— corruptible adjective :

• providing arms and money to a corruptible military regime

* * *

corrupt UK US /kəˈrʌpt/ adjective
using your position or power dishonestly or illegally for your own advantage, especially to make money: a corrupt businessman/official/manager, etc. »

On the advice of a corrupt financial adviser, the accused understated their income by tens of thousands of dollars.


corrupt activities/practices

IT used to describe information on a computer that has been damaged or changed in some way and cannot be used: »

corrupt data/files

corrupt UK US /kəˈrʌpt/ verb [T]
to influence someone into doing bad or dishonest things: »

It is said that power can corrupt people.

IT to change or damage the information on a computer file so that it cannot be used: »

Most of the data on the hard drive was corrupted.

Financial and business terms. 2012.


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